My work is about creating a safe enough space for you to compassionately welcome all of yourself back into your heart, even the parts of you that you have rejected or you find painful and difficult. Integration, wholeness and lasting change can only happen when the parts of you that have been sent into exile find a home and a place to belong within you. It is my intention to compassionately assist, support and guide you toward reclaiming these lost parts that have been denied.

I believe the mind is the field of energy that encompasses the ecosystem of one's entire being; the manifestation of both the brain and the body. As I continue to learn how the mind-body relationship is central to healing, I join my clients in assisting them to use their untapped potential to live more satisfying and meaningful lives.

Cutting edge research about the mindful brain and energy psychotherapy supports my philosophy and success with clients.


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Anxiety, Stress, Trauma
Learning skills that calm the autonomic nervous system, allows the body to access the emotional courage in order to challenge and re-regulate self-defeating patterns that have kept one stuck in life. As the brain develops new patterns and beliefs, healing is achievable. I utilize EMDR, stress reduction methodologies, and mindfulness based interventions.

Health Compromises and Pain Management
Our body is often the field of communication. Learning how to live harmoniously with skillful acceptance and how to apply methods of self-care puts life in perspective. I facilitate an ongoing chronic pain and illness support group as well as a Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management Treatment Group twice a year.

Performance Issues (sport, academic, music, performing arts)
Expressing energy consistently through one's gifts and skills creates a blueprint for the mind-body. This allows for development of the healing and strengthening of one's resources of joy, enjoyment and enthusiasm towards life. I am a firm believer in everyone's capacity to achieve their personal potential. Yet, it often means applying new skills, replacing old beliefs and
conditioning to literally get out of one's own way, allowing one's true nature to come forth.

Adolescent Identity Development
The challenge of growth throughout the teenage years is learning to regulate the emotional messages of the body, while learning to utilize the growing brain. Skillfully guiding a young person's ability to know their self is challenging, yet most rewarding.

An approved supervisor for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs). Offers consultation to medical, business and mental health professionals.